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AFfordable Living

Affordable Living with Piedmont Green

Piedmont Green takes pride as professional custom home experts with the ability to design and install homes that stay affordable long after we're done. We do more than turn your ideas into realities: we make sure that your home is one that you'll be happy with for years to come. These incredible energy-efficient homes save money on electrical bills, and with their steel core, factory-built construction, these homes offer a more durable alternative to traditional homes, meaning less repairs, less maintenance, and less surprise home expenses. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and we will take care of the smallest details, working with you to educate you on all the amazing benefits container houses offer. We not only use the highest quality materials, but we also focus on superior quality craftsmanship for our projects. To us, affordable housing means more than just affordable construction: it means affordable living day in and day out. With expert knowledge and skill as well as affordable pricing, Piedmont Green has everything needed to complete your project to your exact specifications and budget.